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Monday, September 25, 2017

Living Laughing and Liking Life

Candidly situations evolve from well intended notions. It really doesn't matter what the situation, it's the outcome that matters. A look back, look forward reveals much about achieving satisfactory results. Maintaining composure is probably an effective manner in which positive outcomes proceed.

Take for instance; you wake up feeling happy as a lark, on the way to the kitchen an unexpected noise occurs, first thought "a  problem", there goes my day down the drain already, NO! That's no way to approach the unknown. Things can appear greater than they actually are so why sweat unnecessarily.

While evaluating a course of action make damn sure you include personal bias. If known factors are excluded it is assured that negativity will effect various outcomes. Like you know someone is a jerk and you forgive all his transgressions only to realize they were "discrete warnings". Yet you thought something would change if your kindness was acknowledged. That just does not happen in the real world because we are who we are "a born jerk will die a jerk". People associate their emotional feelings with the physical world only considering that each individual has the potential to think and believe as if we are all in sync with each other.  

If you want to keep smiling, think about it, categorize it "Bull Crap/Not Bull Crap", then move ON! Sometimes when things are too weird to be true they are just that weird. Most things outside your realm of associations should stay there "Outside". It's the "square peg in a round hole" thing (things and people that don't fit will never fit). If things fit, then give it your all and be able to talk about everything.  Love and always remember why you Love. And please remember "good sex & Love" can be mutually exclusive. (two events not occurring at the same time)

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