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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Gun Violence in America

It's been sixteen years since the worse day of my life. I recall my phone ringing excessively, my friend shouting at me "Where is Clem?" I recall that feeling of something awful, something I could not even imagine. It was true my son had been murdered, it was a double homicide. I sat on the edge of my bed watching the television, hoping the worse had not really happened. Yet there was that feeling that came over me, something protecting me from the terrible news.

I wondered where is my daughter? Someone please go find her and bring her to me. Please get my daughter and my grandchildren and bring them here to my home.  Then I saw my car turned over on the side, and then the news flash of a double homicide in Pleasant Ridge. It was true my only son dead. I can't explain what kept me from spinning out of control, it was like something or someone was keeping me safe from this unthinkable nightmare. Maybe it was my son's soul surrounding me keeping me safe, making me take this news and peacefully accepting this horrible truth.

My son and his friend were shot by a murderer using a nine millimeter hand gun that had hollow point bullets. What kind of a person has possession of a weapon like that? How did he obtain such a weapon? The police found an arsenal of weapons in the murderer's home, and why did that family have all those weapons in a house with a potential murderer? Yes, I have many questions to this day. However, within the past fifteen years many situations involving violence with guns have occurred. Including the 9/11 assault that happened fifty days after my son's death. I was morning my son's death when I saw those building drop. For me it seemed the world was in some catastrophic downward spiral.

I'm very interested in what the Constitutional Amendment right has to do with the right to bare arms so people can kill other people. There are no militia's coming to America by boat to patrol or take over this country. There are no animals roaming the woods to be killed for food. There are no Indians attacking the people that were stealing their land, so why the need to bare arms?

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