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Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote Obama Refuse to be Irrational

I will never understand the irrational mentality of Mitt Romney followers; In the first debate he morphed into Barack Obama right before everyone's eyes, he spoke candidly at a private fund raiser about near next to half of the population who received what he called government assistance (if you work don't you pay for Social Security Insurance same as anyone who pays for Auto/Health Insurance??).  Who has ever worked in a Corporation as a laborer and felt that Administration was genius? 

I guess enough time has passed that people don't recall the value of Labor Unions here in America. If Ronald Reagan had not busted the Air Traffic Controllers Union beginning the anti union environment we now live in maybe outsourcing of jobs would not have been so easy. The union would have fought to keep our jobs here in America.  How irrational are the followers of Mitt Romney; "A corporate billionaire is now gonna save America", please give me a break.  Anyone who knows anything about corporate business knows "PROFITS BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" is the rule cut the fat and who cares about who might get the ax. 

History Lesson 101:  Most of the people who came to America left their home country because of some form of government oppression.  Like the British for whom the Queen had no mercy and allowed to either starve in the streets or be indentured to America.  Like the Jewish who were being oppressed/exterminated by Hitler (government), & those individuals trying to escape genocide.  The United States of America was created as a place where the rule is by the people for the people, a democracy where the government would have the people’s back.  Taxes were collected by British Rule and not a penny went back to serve the people who paid the taxes, is this what we are trying to return to by electing MITT ROMNEY?  You people praising the GOP need to read more about the history of Great Britain, colonialism (“control by one power over a dependent area or people.”), and rule by Monarchy so you may understand why America uses tax dollars to care and support its people.  

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