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Monday, September 25, 2017

Living Laughing and Liking Life

Candidly situations evolve from well intended notions. It really doesn't matter what the situation, it's the outcome that matters. A look back, look forward reveals much about achieving satisfactory results. Maintaining composure is probably an effective manner in which positive outcomes proceed.

Take for instance; you wake up feeling happy as a lark, on the way to the kitchen an unexpected noise occurs, first thought "a  problem", there goes my day down the drain already, NO! That's no way to approach the unknown. Things can appear greater than they actually are so why sweat unnecessarily.

While evaluating a course of action make damn sure you include personal bias. If known factors are excluded it is assured that negativity will effect various outcomes. Like you know someone is a jerk and you forgive all his transgressions only to realize they were "discrete warnings". Yet you thought something would change if your kindness was acknowledged. That just does not happen in the real world because we are who we are "a born jerk will die a jerk". People associate their emotional feelings with the physical world only considering that each individual has the potential to think and believe as if we are all in sync with each other.  

If you want to keep smiling, think about it, categorize it "Bull Crap/Not Bull Crap", then move ON! Sometimes when things are too weird to be true they are just that weird. Most things outside your realm of associations should stay there "Outside". It's the "square peg in a round hole" thing (things and people that don't fit will never fit). If things fit, then give it your all and be able to talk about everything.  Love and always remember why you Love. And please remember "good sex & Love" can be mutually exclusive. (two events not occurring at the same time)

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Gun Violence in America

It's been sixteen years since the worse day of my life. I recall my phone ringing excessively, my friend shouting at me "Where is Clem?" I recall that feeling of something awful, something I could not even imagine. It was true my son had been murdered, it was a double homicide. I sat on the edge of my bed watching the television, hoping the worse had not really happened. Yet there was that feeling that came over me, something protecting me from the terrible news.

I wondered where is my daughter? Someone please go find her and bring her to me. Please get my daughter and my grandchildren and bring them here to my home.  Then I saw my car turned over on the side, and then the news flash of a double homicide in Pleasant Ridge. It was true my only son dead. I can't explain what kept me from spinning out of control, it was like something or someone was keeping me safe from this unthinkable nightmare. Maybe it was my son's soul surrounding me keeping me safe, making me take this news and peacefully accepting this horrible truth.

My son and his friend were shot by a murderer using a nine millimeter hand gun that had hollow point bullets. What kind of a person has possession of a weapon like that? How did he obtain such a weapon? The police found an arsenal of weapons in the murderer's home, and why did that family have all those weapons in a house with a potential murderer? Yes, I have many questions to this day. However, within the past fifteen years many situations involving violence with guns have occurred. Including the 9/11 assault that happened fifty days after my son's death. I was morning my son's death when I saw those building drop. For me it seemed the world was in some catastrophic downward spiral.

I'm very interested in what the Constitutional Amendment right has to do with the right to bare arms so people can kill other people. There are no militia's coming to America by boat to patrol or take over this country. There are no animals roaming the woods to be killed for food. There are no Indians attacking the people that were stealing their land, so why the need to bare arms?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote Obama Refuse to be Irrational

I will never understand the irrational mentality of Mitt Romney followers; In the first debate he morphed into Barack Obama right before everyone's eyes, he spoke candidly at a private fund raiser about near next to half of the population who received what he called government assistance (if you work don't you pay for Social Security Insurance same as anyone who pays for Auto/Health Insurance??).  Who has ever worked in a Corporation as a laborer and felt that Administration was genius? 

I guess enough time has passed that people don't recall the value of Labor Unions here in America. If Ronald Reagan had not busted the Air Traffic Controllers Union beginning the anti union environment we now live in maybe outsourcing of jobs would not have been so easy. The union would have fought to keep our jobs here in America.  How irrational are the followers of Mitt Romney; "A corporate billionaire is now gonna save America", please give me a break.  Anyone who knows anything about corporate business knows "PROFITS BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" is the rule cut the fat and who cares about who might get the ax. 

History Lesson 101:  Most of the people who came to America left their home country because of some form of government oppression.  Like the British for whom the Queen had no mercy and allowed to either starve in the streets or be indentured to America.  Like the Jewish who were being oppressed/exterminated by Hitler (government), & those individuals trying to escape genocide.  The United States of America was created as a place where the rule is by the people for the people, a democracy where the government would have the people’s back.  Taxes were collected by British Rule and not a penny went back to serve the people who paid the taxes, is this what we are trying to return to by electing MITT ROMNEY?  You people praising the GOP need to read more about the history of Great Britain, colonialism (“control by one power over a dependent area or people.”), and rule by Monarchy so you may understand why America uses tax dollars to care and support its people.  

Monday, December 20, 2010

Many Things Go Unspoken

When one thinks about the many things that go unspoken; a massive void of nothingness overwhelms the best of us. All too often we may say just let it be, or just ignore and let it go away. Going away is exactly what some issues don't do. I just don't understand why it is so difficult to just say what is on my mind. The response is never anything like one expects. So just spit it out!

The holiday season Christmas to the New Year is probably the most depressing time of the year and it is also a joyous season. People are intensely seeking the perfect gift idea, people are making and baking, they are singing and crying, most of all people are involved in trying to make happy, happy, joy, joy! One time of the year everyone that can is spending every penny they can get their hands on to buy a one time memory gift that soon shall be forgotten. Clearly this time of the year can be planned for; whereby a single savings account holds the key to gift purchasing with a limit. So the best gift idea should be the gift of a Christmas savinga account.

So okay I will spit it out right now; I miss my Mother, she was always so happy this time of year no matter what. Thirty-eight Christmas' have passed and the feelings are just as fresh as 1972 when my Mom left life behind to die. I miss my Aunt Ada who was my grandma's sister and who took my grandma's place after she died in 1951. I miss my Auntie and most of all I miss my son who died in 2001. As we all live so shall we all die, as we all have people we loved who are no longer alive, so shall our memories of those who are gone live on and on in our heart, our soul, and our mind. Love never dies.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Oil Spill Not Obama's Problem to Fix!

Why are people in the media crying for Obama to do something, get angry, or fix that oil spill? There should have been a back up plan should anything like this ever happen. How was the initial pipeline placed and why can't they cap the hole? Other countries have backup plans why don't we? America was the leader in technology and education and now all of that has gone out the window. Our children are dropping out of school, mathematics is a forgone subject. Too much time has gone by and this country has been in retrograde for decades. After the sixties everything is going backwards while technology and many other countries are advancing beyond America.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Living with the Law of Attraction...

The art of Allowing is probably the hardest part of attracting the life you want. How does one just transition from all the rubbish cast upon us by our parents, their parents, and the parents before them. What is it that allows us to believe that the wants of another in no way can be altered by the domination of another. Why do we even try? And if by chance that this realization is part of your perspective than others will also condemn your intent. Chaos is always the result of resistance. So why all the resistance and condemnation over that which can not be controlled?

What must we do to go forward and achieve that which we want? What does happiness mean to us and why is it so hard to define what we want that will make us happy? What is happiness? Do we misunderstand that which brings sorrow as the ultimate end of a life? So many questions to ponder over, yet in a day can any one answer change our lives in a dramatic way?

I feel happy, yet sad at the same time. Amazing!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Tea Party Protesters?????

The Tea Party protesters are out there crying about gov spending, yet everybody wants to get Gov Money...... Corporations want gov contracts (GE), banks want Gov Subsidized Student Loan Contracts, Kroger's wants that Food Stamp/ W.I.C. money, and the hospitals/doctors want that single payer Medicare money. YET THEY PROTEST!

Rush Limbaugh is an "ass" who plays to people he ordinarily wouldn't even associate with. This man is working and earning money to generate a listening audience so the Corporate Commercials/Advertisements will be heard. That man could give less than a Damn about the disturbance he causes. The Boston Tea Party was about Taxation without Representation, England keep increasing the Taxes on Tea and the Revolutionary Americans felt they were unfairly assessing taxes on the cargo Tea and the Americans had no say or vote on that issue in the English Parliament. These 2010 Tea Party Protesters are in an uproar about tax spending, the issues are in no way related.

Taxes assessed here in America are suppose to pay for running the Government and taking care of the people of America. If it were not for the Profit monger Corporations and greedy people in general we would be able to accept the spending policies of the government. However, fraud and collusion are the enemies of the tax payers. Incompetency, nepotism, and lack of integrity are the true problems caused by individuals practicing to defraud the government for tax money. Yet, the stupid so call Tea Party Protesters direct their attention to the efforts of the current Administration as it is trying to reverse the effect of previous administrations' wasteful fraudulent actions that cause the current spending/taxation policies.

What the hell is wrong with these people? There is a chance that their children don't care about the tax debt of the future. Maybe they want their country to be competitive and upgraded. Surely I would like to live in a more cultured society!